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Respect the Real

I know the word, "real" gets thrown round loosely these days, but this is REAL! An authenticity that is and should be respected. Thank you for sharing your journey.

I haven’t been this excited to continue reading a book in a long time. From chapter one, I feel as if I’m apart of this story and can visualize the excitement within the lines of patrons waiting to get into the Rooftop. It must of been one hell of a ride! Can’t wait to finish the read. Hopefully a movie will follow!

Great start!!

Just started reading only a few chapters in. Great beginning. Will be back when I'm done to give a full review!!!

Crack era

It’s a dope In-depth story of the Don Kevin chiles. It’s a page turner, I couldn’t put it down.

The Crack Era

it is an excellent and great read

Such a candid peek in to a forgotten time!

The Crack Era is literally like stepping in to a time machine and getting to experience one of the most infamous eras in New York history. Kevin Chile’s takes you on an introspective ride complete with all of the emotional ups and downs of living the street life during this time. This book will be nostalgic for those who remember this period! The Crack Era is a monumental time capsule of this period!

The Crack Era

The Crack Era by Kevin Chiles was one of the most riveting, exciting, and well-written books of this genre. As a reader, Kevin transports you through vivid and descriptive tales of that period. If you're old enough to have lived during that time, it will take you back there. If you're not, you can go there vicariously through his words. There are social commentaries, political view points, as well as highs and lows of that lifestyle . Great job! I wholeheartedly recommend this to young and old squares and live wires. There is something to be gained from this man's life’s experiences. I was thoroughly entertained, all while learning about the myth of the man. Looking forward to the documentary & movie !!!!!

The Truth

Don Diva is our educator, our street compass. It's also our way of learning about ppl who look like yourself and was placed in the same circumstances in life and you get to see what they did with it right, wrong, or indifferent.

The Crack Era

I loved it. Knowing what i know i can tell how he got excited recalling some of the things he survived and lived and witnessed...i felt it to the max to say the least. Great read!

Straight No Chaser

Kevin Chiles tells the story of the Crack era without pulling any punches. As you read the book, you feel and can visualize things as if you were there. My era in Harlem was from the mid 60's to the mid 80's. He shows respect and understanding for those who came before him. He owns his past. Happy to see he has found a new path in life.

The Crack Era

In a day and age where so many play the game without rules, although we are not glorifying the actions, I can respect someone who played it the right way. This was a great read. Kevin is a stand up individual who deserves to take this to the next level. The story is insane from 2000 keys a month, to the unfathomable murder of his Mother. The incarceration of his whole family to get him to flip, and to stand tall through all of that is BIG SCREEN material. On top of taking his time like a MAN, to come home and stay positive and free is to be commended. All and all the Crack Era is a necessary education, that all those who want to be involved in the game should read. 2 thumbs up!!!!!

Crack Era

Great book! Excellent read..

The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Kevin Chiles


First and foremost i tip my hat to Kevin Chiles This is the best real life story ever to be revealed on paper. The details were on point i could picture every scene as i read along because it was so vivid like that and so real. I also noticed how everything connected somehow some way from young Kevin To Hustler Kevin To Kevin losing his Mother & lets not forget Incarcerated Kevin. This is a man that i would definitely appreciate being in his presence and learn some wisdom from him. Ive read the book twice and once im done i will be re-reading again so i know what it was really like being a hustler back in the 80’s and how flamboyant and money minded at the peak of their ages. Kevin Chiles is a Legend and should be Honored. P.S. if Kevin is reading this if you ever decide to show your Rise and Fall on the Screens it would be a pleasure to play a part Appreciate you in Advance big Homie.

A Book Filled With Facts And Lessons

To say this is an open book about Kevin Chiles's life is a true understatement. Kevin takes you into his world when crack was at its highest point. Kevin paints a perfect picture of the crack era. Those who lived in that time will remember and those born after will visualize how coming up in the Crack Era really was. One of the biggest things about this book other than Kevin telling his truth as well as the streets truth is that he drops little lessons throughout the book. The book reads like a movie....

The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Kevin Chiles

It’s a real page turner

I picked up the book and couldn’t put it down. Very good read

The Crack Era

I order the book for a Christmas gift for my son he ask for it and for my son to as for something to read it has to be good he research thing before asking for them so I know it has to be a great book

The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Kevin Chiles

The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Kevin Chiles

The Crack Era: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Kevin Chiles

The Crack Era

I’m a few chapters in- I’m enjoying the book I grew up in the 80’s in Brooklyn and went to HS in the city with a lot of people from the Bronx and Harlem. The era is explained in detail I find myself going back in time.

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